How to Create Your Template Hierarchy in WordPress

When I decide to learn a specific topic I like to dig deep into it, and understand as much as possible about that topic. Simply learning how the standard template hierarchy works wasn’t enough for me. My problem now was that I wanted to be able to create my personal template hierarchy. After having seen how flexible WordPress is I was sure that it’s possible to do it, and in fact I was right. I’ve found the right hook to understand this topic in a talk given by Kostantin Kovshenin at a WordCamp in Sofia (yes, it was in English, and no, I don’t talk Bulgarian). I watched the video last week, and I was fascinated by the power and simplicity of the mechanism. You can literally turn WordPress upside down. The whole talk includes also an explanation of how to use a filter to alter the WordPress hierarchy but since I haven’t discussed yet filters and actions I’ll let this for another article. Read more How to Create Your Template Hierarchy in WordPress

Understanding The Template Hierarchy (part 1)

In this series of articles I’ll try to analyse the structure of the template hierarchy and how WrodPress manages it. I will also try to go deeper and look at the WordPress functions that allow you to completely change that hierarchy to your like. As always, this is the analysis of a beginner learner, so I hope you’ll forgive me if I make some mistakes. Read more Understanding The Template Hierarchy (part 1)