In the last article about the template hierarchy I probably forgot to cover an important point, so I’m going to amend now and clarify a few things. I analyzed what happens when someone access the home page of a WordPress website, what templates WordPress looks for and loads first. Now I’ll go deeper into the templates that determine how the home page will look like.Continue reading

After I decided that I wanted to become an expert WordPress developer I immediately found a problem; where do I find the information that I need? The question is not so trivial as you may think. As a learner, you need to find good quality information to improve your skills, so you have to rely on other people’s willing to share their knowledge. It’s easy to find information about WordPress, there are tons of blogs around. The problem is to find good quality information for beginner developers. Even if today I cannot claim that I’m the most expert in finding information, I can say that I’ve developed a few methods that I’m going to share with you.Continue reading